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about celtic beauty

Our skin philosophy

Myra’s skin therapy philosophy comes from a holistic approach that cuts through the myths and misinformation surrounding skincare. Instead, Myra’s approach is to look at the skin’s overall function, balance these dysfunctions through correct skincare and treatments to obtain optimal skin function.  Her method is known to build sustainable, long term results rather than temporary quick fixes. 

Celtic Beauty is the only holistic skin studio in Alkimos to use results-driven, medical grade, eco-certified organic treatments, and best of all, free of parabens, fragrances, and synthetic dyes. Myra is passionate about helping everybody with all skin types, by providing gentle and non-invasive skin treatments and solutions to achieve healthy glowing skin safely. 

Feel confident and heard as we work together to achieve your skin goals at her calming studio. Unsure where to start? Click below to book your in-depth Holistic Skin Consult where Myra will discuss your skin concerns and create a tailored treatment plan, just for you. 

the Mission

Restore, Repair & Rejuvenate the Skin's health With Holistic Skin Care


Myra Maher established her award-winning studio in 2018

In 2008, I enrolled at Kilkenny College of Beauty Therapy and got my diploma in beauty therapy. After living in Ireland all my life, I embarked on a new journey for more opportunities and migrated to Perth, Australia. I started working at a salon that specialised in beauty, facials and massage. 

After hearing how skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation impacted my clients, it was heartbreaking and I really wanted to help them. It was at this point I realised my passion for helping clients transform their skin which also transforms their life and confidence.

This led to my career transition to work with one of the world’s leading skincare brands, and it was so rewarding to deliver life-changing results. Here, I gained extensive knowledge and experience about the skin, how it functions and how to repair and manage skin conditions.

After many years of working with them, I wanted to create a greater impact and spend more time helping my clients through their skin journey rather than hitting sales targets. This is why I created Celtic Beauty Skin Studio.

Myra Maher, Founder director of Celtic beauty skin studio alkimos holistic skin treatments
Perth Award Winning Circadia Celtic Beauty Alkimos

After launching CB, I started using Circadia skincare products – it was better than anything I’ve ever tried. This clinical skincare brand not only focuses on the holistic skin but actually cares about understanding our circadian rhythms (sleep cycle), which has a significant impact on our exposure to environmental damage, and also recovery times.

By having my own clinic, I had the autonomy to take on products that I loved rather than being stocked in the clinic due to contracts – Which meant better results for my clients. It also meant I could spend more time getting to know my clients and helping them through their skin journey. This allowed me to truly understand their struggles and create a customised treatment that accelerated their results rather than fluffy facials that had no long-term results.

In 2021, I won New Clinic of the Year in the Circadia Australia Clinic of the year awards. Shortly after in 2022, I won 3rd place, Circadia Australia Clinic of the Year. I’m incredibly proud and grateful to achieve this from my humble home-based studio. The amazing results and client love is thanks to this fantastic community in Alkimos. I feel truly blessed and honoured that clients trust me and share in their skin journey. 

If you’d like to start your holistic journey to healthy glowing skin, I would love to help! – Myra 

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